A clean energy holiday poem

Blue Planet gets into the holiday spirit with a re-worked "Night Before Christmas" that reviews Hawaii's progress as a clean-energy state during 2014.

Hawaii Independent Staff

From Blue Planet’s newsletter:

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And across the whole grid
Santa reviewed how clean energy did…

PV had been hung on the rooftops with care
In hopes that interconnection approvals soon would be there
HECO was snug, with their IRP filed
(Who knew sweet acquisition NextEra beguiled?)

From the PUC there arose such a clatter
The Commission scoffed and rejected the matter.
They offered Inclinations as a roadmap to follow
But big transformation’s a hard pill to swallow.

Rosenblum bid farewell; Oshima grabbed the reins
But HECO’s revamped power plans still had the same old pains.
Nonetheless, Santa noted, there is change underway.
He said, “We’ve not yet crossed the Rubicon, but we’re well past the New Day.”

The solar guys said, “Hey don’t you worry about the size.
People want their PV, and inverters can help with grid ties.”
It’s been more than a year and customers are waiting in line
But HECO’s slow to plug in, and they’re saying it’s just cuz da kine:

It’s all about the grid; it’s not safe—no storage.
So they put out RFPs, making plans for storage.
Look, here comes KIUC—with big plans for storage…
They’re bringing hydro back!

Clean mobility is on the rise… 3,000 EVs on island streets
Next up, how about hydrogen and biodiesel for our fleets?
The King Street cycle track will lower VMTs
And Uber and Lyft are moving people where they please.

Hats off to bold thinking, Dutch Kuyper, Ron Binz!
Where technology leaves off, Energy Excelerator begins.
Kudos to HSWAC, Makani Wind, and Stem
Here’s to tomorrow’s clean power, enabled by on-bill and GEMS.

HCEI 2.0 reaffirms that our future will be green
Now the only “magical” thinking is that natural gas is clean.

From Santa’s perch above the pali, two solar farms did appear
He thought about the daily load as he went to pack his gear.
On Hawaii Energy! On Honeywell! Efficiency is always nigh.
With proper pricing and demand response, we’ll teach this duck to fly!

Flanked by Blue Planeteers on his left and on his right,
Santa’s LED-lit, electric sleigh took off into the night
We heard him call to everyone as he rolled right out of sight, 
“Merry Christmas to all! 100% clean energy sure looks bright!”