Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz submits projects for inclusion in the State’s budget

Jade Eckardt

HALEIWA—Last week, State Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz (D - District 22) submitted several projects for inclusion in the State’s budget. He says the projects are urgently needed and that due to fiscal constraints and the budget deficit expected by the State, there were limitations on the number of projects senators could submit for consideration. He hopes to include other important projects in the next budget season.

In a recent issue of The North Shore News, Dela Cruz addressed the public with the following list of projects he is supporting.

1. Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor Modernization—Dela Cruz wrote that this project includes the removal and replacement of fixed catwalks and approaches, and the replacement of pier 200 with an aluminum floating dock system. He said the current water system is in need of relocation and replacement to avoid waste of water resource. Nineteen new berths will be available for offer once the catwalk and finger pier are replaced to generate additional revenue for the State. According to the senator, 15 current mooring clients would have to be relocated and would result in loss of revenue to the state if the project is not completed.

According to the Division of Boating and Aquatic Resources, the Haleiwa Boat Harbor currently has 64 berths, 26 moorings, 2 loading docks, 3 ramps, a fish hoist, a temporary mooring, a dryland storage, a vessel washdown area, a harbor office, and restrooms.

2. Wahiawa Freshwater State Recreation Area Modernization—Dela Cruz wrote that the pathways and roadways need repaving, and removal of trees and roots that are hazardous is necessary. Renovation of the comfort station, repairs to plumbing fixtures, water and sewer line replacement, and improvements to the recreational facility are included in the plan. Sen. Dela Cruz stated that repairs are needed to remove health hazards and prevent liability to the State in the event of injuries due to the existing conditions.

3. Wahiawa District Court—According to Dela Cruz, the existing court is currently operating out of leased space in a former retail building that is unsuited to court operations because it is undersized, and presents security and accessibility problems. The project calls for a permanent court facility in the Wahiawa Civic Center site which will include two courtrooms, holding cells, and other spaces to be able to effectively serve Central and North Shore Oahu.