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On abiding by the rules of ‘the Ledge’ or not

Rare is the interest group willing to concede ground in the interest of benefiting the public as a whole. More at » Read More »

The Father Damien statue looks out from the Hawaii State Capitol. The statue of Queen Liliuokalani looks in from the other side.
Lessons from the ‘Ledge’: On advice and consent, and the tendency for stuff to ‘bubble up’
A photographer leans in at Gov. Neil Abercrombie's December 15 press conference to announce 11 cabinet appointees.
Comment: On the meaning of leverage and other important lessons of the ‘Ledge’
The floor of the Hawaii State House chambers.
Do ask, do tell: The time for hushed tones and timid support is past
Supporters of Hawaii's civil unions bill rally outside of the State Capitol at the end of last year's session.
Comment: As the tide resides, a tsunami of change is ready to run through Hawaii government
Big changes are set to come at the Hawaii State Capitol.
Comment: A ‘new day’ in Hawaii means tackling expectations, possibilities, and reality
Governor-elect Neil Abercrombie at the Hilo Veteran's Day Parade held on November 11.
Comment: Democrat or Republican ... does it really matter?

You betcha, just like 'Survivor,' the number of votes determines your life on the island Read More »

The Prince Kuhio Federal Building is the official seat of the United States federal government in the State of Hawaii.
Relating to the regulation of the poor and unwashed
Life Muses blogger Rozanne Paxman writes about her trip to Honolulu: "Hawaii has a large homeless population. One of our guides said that there are certain states and cities on the mainland that ship their homeless to Hawaii. They buy them tickets and give them some cash to get there. But once they get to Hawaii, they are stuck and can't leave. (You can't hitch-hike out.) I don't know if that is true, but it is true that we saw more homeless people in Hawaii than we have seen in any other place we have visited."
Comment: On Duke Aiona, the far right, and the First Congressional District
Political commentators have criticized the religious undertones of Duke Aiona's campaign for governor.