Simplifying our reading experience

What’s changed?

No More Sidebars
Collections, related stories, and links to explainers will now appear below the article. Our index page is now a simple single column list of stories.

The Posterboard
The posterboard – that huge image on the main screen – now disappears when you move past the first ten stories.

Big Typography
Typography on article pages is now big – huge. There’s also a link at the bottom taking you to the next post.

Overall, we’re trying to make the Independent better at being itself, i.e. a site for thoughtful civic journalism that asks where we’re going as an island community. Things which are extraneous to this mission will be split off and moved into their own domains and spaces (The Hum, InHNL, Summit).

What’s next?
Next up for us is to get better at using Collections to curate a great discussion about big issues, such as living wages, prison reform, and the election season. You might get a call from us to become a curator or contributor on these deep, complex topics.

Thanks for your support!