Public education system

HSTA election debacle signals need for change
  • Opinion

A former HSTA member's perspective on the election debacle. Read More »

Doug Robertson
HSTA election debacle headed to the courts
  • News Report

The campaign team that received a majority of votes during the union's recent officers election has announced that it intends to sue to overturn the recent decision to throw out the election results and hold a new election. Read More »

Will Caron
We do deserve better
  • Opinion

An HSTA member's point of view of the union's election debacle. Read More »

Ethan ʻOnipaʻa Porter
No new day for school empowerment
  • News Report

A pair of new studies show decentralization of the DOE saw little progress over the past four years—will our new governor have more success? Read More »

Will Caron
Fear + manipulation = ease of privatization
  • Opinion

How the campaign to convince Hawaiʻi voters to authorize the routing of public funds to private preschools threatens equity in our schools, and what we need to do to get back on track toward a successful public school system. Read More »

Jeanne Marie Iorio & Clifton Tanabe
Preschool amendment fails our children
  • Opinion

While early learning programs are vital to our childrens' futures, the current proposal (Ballot Questions 4) to allow public dollars to fund private preschool operations is not the way we ought to go about creating those programs. Read More »

Kris Coffield
EDU committee defends, confirms Don Horner

Concerns raised by the LGBT community and its supporters over Horner's ability to keep his faith out of his job backfire. Read More »

Will Caron
Instructional what?

Defining instructional hours to allow for greater flexibility is the one thing everyone agrees HB1675 needs in order to be effective. Read More »

Will Caron
Legislation for Hawaiʻi’s keiki

Yesterday, the House and Senate Committees on Education (EDN, EDU) met to discuss education bills that have crossed over from each chamber. Read More »

Will Caron
Pasi Sahlberg
  • Education

In this short interview, Finland education expert Pasi Sahlberg describes some important lessons Hawaii and the US can learn from the Nordic country's approach to schooling. Read More »

Hawaii’s education officials brace for federal budget cuts →

Amid congressional bickering in the 11th hour of fraught federal budget deliberations, officials at all levels of education in Hawaii say they’re bracing for painful funding cutbacks and delays to crucial grants that support the neediest students. More at Civil Beat »

DOE checking on absenteeism →

For the first time, the Hawaii Department of Education is looking into the numbers of chronically absent students. More at KITV » Read More »

Department of Education releases strategic plan (updated) →

The Strategic Plan: · Reflects a DOE and BOE commitment to Hawaii's students. It recognizes that this is a critical time for students, parents, teachers, all DOE staff, and community partners coming together to transform public education in Hawaii. · Explains what the DOE will do to ensure students can reach their fullest potential and attain their aspirations in the face of 21st century opportunities and challenges. · Commits to supporting and nurturing safe schools, increasing technology resources, building stronger partnerships to support student learning, and promoting a broad-based education that supports the whole student and closes achievement gaps. · Outlines well-defined student success indicators such as attendance, retention, graduation, and college-going rates.
The plan isn't yet online; we'll link to it when it's available. The draft is available here (PDF). More at DOE News Release »