Your roads this week

Colleen Sanders

Emergency Landslide Remediation Adjacent to Burger King Kaneohe.  Grubb and grade the slope at the corner of Likelike Highway and Kamehameha Highway and constructed a two (2) tier retaining wall with segmental concrete blocks.  The work includes restoration of the access road, Burger Kings parking lot and landscape.

        (Estimated completion date March 2010)

Duncan Drive— Puahuula Place Relief Drain Construction of a relief drainage system, removing existing drainage system and installing larger drain lines, three new inlets, a trench drain and new storm drain manholes.

        (Estimated completion date, March 2010)

Kaneohe Bay Drive Trunk Sewer Reconstruction:  Installation of new sewer lines, new manholes, and cured in place pipe (CIPP).  Work will occur on Kaneohe Bay Drive between Mokapu Road and Kuono Place, Kaimalu Place and Way, Ikeanani Drive, and Kuakoa Place.

        (Estimated completion date December 2010)

Lilipuna Road Storm Drainage Improvements:  Demolish and remove existing RCP pipe, grated inlet and CRM outlet.  Install new 24 RCP pipe, construct new inlet and outlet structures, construct new CRM retaining wall, and restore A.C. pavement.

        (Estimated completion date, March 2010)

Curb Ramps at Various Locations, FY 2006 Malulani St./Mimo Pl., Miha St./Malulani St.:  Construction of new curb ramps, sidewalks and A.C. transition.  Installation of pavement striping, markings and markers.

        (Estimated completion date, March 2010)