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What you should know about climate change

Hawaii Independent Staff

1. Scientists agree.

97% of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are most likely due to human activities. Heat-trapping gases emitted by power plants, automobiles, deforestation and other sources are warming up the planet. The five hottest years on record have all occurred since 1997.

Sources: Nature.org | NASA

2. In addition to sea level rise, there are many other consequences of climate change.

The list of consequences includes heat-related illnesses, changing landscapes, wildlife at risk, increased risk of drought, fire and floods, and economic losses. Climate change ultimately affects our population because declining crop yields put hundreds of thousands of people at risk for starvation.

Source: Nature.org

3. Groups are working on it.

For example: the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change Project is the largest regional initiative addressing climate change adaptation with 13 participating Pacific Island countries from the past five years. The goal of the project is to reduce vulnerability and increase adaptive capacity to adverse effects of climate change involving coastal and water management, and agriculture. Since the project implementation, new technologies such as the solar water purifier are being installed in Nauru to improve water quality and Samoa has developed sand-mining laws which contribute to its coastal adaptation efforts.

Source: EPA