Report cites cost benefits of HFD-EMS merger

Hawaii Independent Staff

HONOLULU—Mayor Peter Carlisle has released a consultant’s report that examines a potential merger of the Honolulu Fire and Emergency Services departments. The report states that a potential savings of $10 million could be realized through such a merger.

The report, by Emergency Services Consulting International, outlines opportunities to improve public safety and government efficiency. The City is will evaluate the report and may accept, reject or modify its recommendations and consider additional information.

Although the department has yet to take an official position on the potential merger, EMS Deputy Director Mark Rigg says, “We’re looking to improve the service we provide to our patients. If we can do that in a merged environment, that’s certainly something we’ll look at. We need to study this thing”

Rigg says that meetings will take place in the future to assess the viability of a merger.

The report is available at and .