PBS Hawaii to showcase musical mission of Eddie and Myrna Kamae

Hawaii Independent Staff

The storyteller becomes the subject in the television premiere of PBS Hawaii Presents: Those Who Came Before that airs on Thursday, July 28 at 8:30 pm, with an encore at 11:00 pm.

Produced by local filmmakers Eddie and Myrna Kamae, the documentary tells the story of Eddie’s quest to find the sources of Hawaiian musical traditions in order to preserve and pass along that knowledge to future generations.

A musical composer and performer himself, Kamae’s 50-year pursuit led him to some of the most respected gatekeepers of the Hawaiian Renaissance, including historian, Hawaiian language scholar, poet and songwriter Mary Kawena Pukui; poet, musician and songwriter Sam Li‘a; and Pilahi Paki, whose letter-by-letter definition of ALOHA had a major influence on Kamae.

PBS Hawaii Presents is a weekly showcase for local producers and filmmakers to share their unique perspectives of our island community.

PBS Hawaii will also air an interview with the Kamaes on Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox, Tuesday, July 26 at 7:30 pm.

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