Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts faces budget slash

Jamie Winpenny

HONOLULU—At a City Council meeting on Wednesday, April 20, members will be discussing Budget Bill 13, which will cut a significant portion of the Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts budget.

The Hawaii Museum Association (HMA) is asking for the public’s support in opposing the proposed cuts. The immediate impacts of the cuts mean:

• Grants will no longer be administered.
• The City’s art collection will not be maintained.
• Special events in various communities will cease.
• No more community partnerships and collaborative programming.
• Events in the Mission Memorial Auditorium will discontinue.
• Art exhibitions and activities in City facilities will come to an end.

Also opposing the proposed cuts is the Museum Studies program in the Department of American Studies. The HMA faces the elimination of $5,000 earmarked for a Western Museum Association meeting and the potential loss of a staff member.

The public can provide support for the effort to stop the budget cut by writing to Budget Committee Chair Ernest Martin and Council Chair Nestor Garcia. Faxed concerns can be sent to (808) 768-3826. Visit to e-mail written testimony.