Mayor Carlisle signs bill to revise North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan

Hawaii Independent Staff

HONOLULU — Mayor Peter Carlisle today signed into law Bill 61 (2010) CD 2, which revises and updates the City’s North Shore Sustainable Communities Plan that covers lands north of Wahiawa, from Kaena Point to Kawela Bay.

North Shore City Councilmember Ernest Martin joined Mayor Carlisle in a bill-signing ceremony to acknowledge the revised plan, which was unanimously approved by the City Council on April 20.  It is one of eight regional plans that will guide land use decisions and infrastructure investments for the area, as well as the incorporation of sustainability. 

“We understand it’s important for the North Shore community to keep country ‘country,’” said Mayor Carlisle. “The key elements of the plan’s vision addresses protection of agriculture, open space, and natural and cultural resources, and the provision of adequate infrastructure.”

Bill 61 updates the plan that was adopted by the City Council in 2000.  The recommended updates are the result of a comprehensive review, which began in 2007, involving extensive community outreach including meetings with residents and the larger community.