Makiki Neighborhood Board proposes decorative bus stops to deter graffiti

Jamie Winpenny

The Makiki Tantalus Neighborhood Board met on Thursday, January 20 at Makiki District Park. The Honolulu Police Department reported 16 assaults, 21 DUI offenses, 101 vehicle collisions, and four drug offenses among responses for the area in December 2010.

A proposal was also advanced to implement an “adopt a bus stop” program, which would use tiles received from The Contemporary Museum to decorate bus stops along Tantalus Drive. It is hoped that the decorated bus stops will deter graffiti.

The Board also expressed willingness to support a proposed day care facility at the Scottish Rite facility on Nehoa Street. The Board, however, postponed a vote on the issue until a traffic impact study is completed.

The full minutes of the meeting are available here.