Honolulu City Council public hearing on signs, rezoning ag land

Hawaii Independent Staff

HONOLULU—The Honolulu City Council is holding a public hearing on Wednesday, August 17 at 2:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber.

For the full agenda and information on testifying, click here

On the agenda:

* Appointment of Li Brado Cobian and Gary Pacarro to the Board of Parks and Recreation; Denyse Ray to the Real Property Board of Review; and Ronald Ogomori to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

* Bill 10 CD1—Confirming a provision for the Honolulu Ethics Commission.

* Bill 46, CD1—Rezoning land in from AG-1 Restricted Agricultural District to AG-2 General Agricultural District.

* Bill 47—Amending the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) to limit residents right to display noncommercial signs on residential and agricultural property in order to “reduce visual distractions.”

* Resolution 11-179 and Resolution 11-179, Proposed CD1 –- Approving an application for a Plan Review Use Permit submitted by the Queen’s Medical Center, to allow implementation of a 15‑Year Master Plan which includes future buildings and projects that are anticipated for development within the next 15 years.