Gas Company changes its name – and focus

Hawaii Independent Staff

Media Release

The Gas Company is now HAWAI‘IGAS – the clean energy company.

This change better reflects the Company’s identity as an important part of Hawaii’s energy community: proudly local and fully committed to clean technology and innovation.

A world of meaning lies in a few simple strokes. The circular green flame identifies HAWAI‘IGAS and links it to the values of environmental stewardship and forward thinking. The icon is also suggestive of a Hawaiian fishhook, or makau, linking the values of sustenance and livelihood and mana meaning energy from the earth’s resources. HAWAI‘IGAS is not just a name; it is a reflection of the Company’s identity lighting the way to a brighter energy future.

HAWAI‘IGAS is committed to making clean gas an ever growing component of Hawaii’s energy future. In addition to its traditional gas products, the Company is producing renewable natural gas and hydrogen from agricultural feedstock to help achieve the state’s renewable and clean energy goals. HAWAI‘IGAS is also introducing natural gas, brought to Hawai‘i in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG), to serve existing and new industry segments to reduce Hawaii’s current reliance on imported petroleum.

“While this is an important transformation, we’d like to assure our customers and partners that there is no change in the company’s legal name, ownership or management. We have simply adopted a new brand that represents our shared values and vision for the future,” said Jeff Kissel, president and CEO.