FBI files on Inouye now online

The files reveal many threats and allegations against the late senator.

Hawaii Independent Staff

Newly released FBI files on Dan Inouye show that the Hawaii senator was subject to several anonymous death threats during his long service in Washington. He was also accused of accepting bribes to help Matson Navigation control shipping to Honolulu, and to secure a military research center at the University of Hawaii.

The FBI on Monday publicly posted its documents on the late Hawaii senator in The Vault, the bureau’s online reading room, which also contains once-private files on other prominent politicians, celebrities, gangsters and fugitives. The trove provides a fascinating window into the FBI’s intelligence operations and reveals the kinds of threats Ino­uye experienced during his remarkable political career.

Newly released FBI files reveal numerous death threats against Senator Daniel Inouye dating all the way back to the 1950s.

FBI Files: Honolulu Agents Kept On Short Leash During 1989 Investigation Into Senator Daniel Inouye’s Alleged ‘Payoff’ From Matson.

Download and read the 22 documents on Daniel Inouye: here