Council Budget Committee to act on budget, taxes

Jamie Winpenny

HONOLULU—The City Council Budget Committee will convene on Tuesday, April 12 for action on a number of bills relating to property taxes and property tax relief. The Legislative, Executive Operating and Executive Capital Budgets are also up for committee approval.

Bill 7 provides one-time real property tax relief to eligible owners of real property. Several of the bills address the tax exemption of historic properties. Bill 25 adjusts the minimum real property tax to $300. Bill 26 amends the current tax exemption for real property used for charitable purposes.

The text of these bills contains some dense legal language, but it is accurate to say that the decisions made at the committee meeting will help determine how much of their own money taxpayers will keep in the future.

The agenda for the committee meeting has been made available here.

Honolulu City Council Budget Committee meeting
Tuesday, April 12 at 9:00 a.m.
Honolulu Hale
Committee Meeting Room