Cost of living set to rise at City budget meeting Wednesday

Jamie Winpenny

The City Council Budget Committee will meet on Wednesday, April 13 to take action on a number of bills and resolutions that will determine what taxpayers will pay for City services and in real property taxes. Fees for the use of Parks and Recreation facilities, camping permits, municipal golf courses, admittance to the Honolulu Zoo, Neil S. Blaisdell Center, and parking at City parks are all set to be raised.

Resolution 11-73 is scheduled for action, and it will set the City’s fuel tax. It is reasonable to assume that the tax will not be lowered. Resolution 11-74 will determine the real property tax rate, which is also not likely to decrease. City sewer fees are also set to rise, under Bill 20.

The measures on the table for the Wednesday City Council meeting could result in significant increases in the cost of living on Oahu. The public is invited to provide testimony on the bills and resolutions to be addressed by the Budget Committee on Wednesday.

For the City Council Budget Committee agenda and list of bills and resolutions for the Wednesday meeting, and to provide testimony on the scheduled items, click here.