City Council overrides Mayor Carlisle vetoes

Jamie Winpenny

HONOLULU—The Honolulu City Council met Monday, June 27 to vote on four bills passed by the Council but vetoed by Mayor Peter Carlisle. The measures pertained to budget transportation funds and other City fees.

Bill 33 and Bill 34 relate to the operating and capital budgets for the Honolulu Rapid Transit Authority (HART). Both bills passed by unanimous votes, overriding the Mayor’s vetoes, with some councilmembers and testifiers citing the importance of keeping the authority over HART’s budget with the City Council.

Bill 35 relates to reimbursements of expenditures from general fund or highway fund from the transit fund. The measure passed by unanimous vote, overriding Mayor Carlisle’s veto.

Bill 36 relates to the disposal charge and tipping fee discount for metal recyclers. Many of the concerns of those who opposed overriding Mayor Carlisle’s veto of the cited the fact that it unfairly benefits, Schnitzer Steel, whose Rene Mansho testified in favor of the veto override. The measure passed by a 6-3 voted, with one councilmember voting in favor with reservation. One man who testified in opposition to the veto override noted a “peculiar and unfair” favoring of Schnitzer Steel.

Before today’s meeting adjourned, Council Chair Nestor Garcia gave an emotional farewell speech as he stepped down as Chair. He thanked his colleagues on the council for their work, support, and dedication to the people of Oahu. He praised the Council’s new leadership, as Councilmember Martin accepted the chairmanship.