Kamehameha Schools shares plans for Haleiwa ‘re-development’

Jade Eckardt

HALEIWA—North Shore’s shave ice attractions have taken center stage in plans to redevelop the historically popular area. A meeting was held in February in Haleiwa regarding Kamehameha School’s plans to develop approximately four acres surrounding the current Matsumoto’s Shave Ice and Aoki’s Shave Ice stores in Haleiwa.

The development would be part of Kamehameha School’s North Shore Plan that covers approximately 26,000 acres between Haleiwa and Waimea Bay.

According to a report from the North Shore Chamber of Commerce, many North Shore residents who attended the meeting showed support of the development.

The school’s presentation at the community meeting included an artist’s rendering of what the re-development would look like. The North Shore News reported that some business owners are concerned about the futures of their businesses while others say they have been assured by the school that they are included in the new plan for Haleiwa.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that the school’s plans are to demolish three buildings in the area, including the one containing the Aoki store while keeping four structures, one being the Matsumoto store. The school said they would be expanding around the existing buildings.

Kamehameha planners said commercial space on the combined parcel would double to 28,000 square feet from the approximate 14,000 square feet of commercial space that currently exists.

The dusty lot between the two shave ice stores that is now used for parking will be replaced by shops and shady areas and a paved parking lot with around 100 stalls would be put in the back.

Kamehameha School’s North Shore Plan includes seven key projects, but much of the talk at the meeting focused on the Matsumoto area development.

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