Koolau Loa Neighborhood Board to discuss sustainability plan, Fort Drum Road

Jade Eckardt

The Koolau Loa Neighborhood Board will be holding their monthly meeting on Thursday, October 14 at the Hauula Community Center. On the agenda are the new sustainable community plan, a Fort Drum Road presentation, and City monthly reports.

The following is the board’s official agenda:

Regular meeting agenda
Thursday, October 14, 2010                    
Hauula Community Center                            
54-010 Kukuna Road
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Rules of Speaking: Anyone wishing to speak is asked to raise their hand, and when recognized by the Chair, to address comments to the Chair. Speakers are encouraged to keep their comments under 3 minutes, and those giving reports are urged to keep their reports less than 3 minutes. Please silence all electronic devices.

Note: The Board may take action on any agenda item. As required by the State Sunshine Law (HRS 92), specific issues not noted on this agenda cannot be voted on, unless added to the agenda.

I.      CALL TO ORDER: Chair Richard Fale

II.    CITY MONTHLY REPORTS (Limited to 3 minutes each)
a.    Honolulu Fire Department
b.    Honolulu Police Department
c.    Mayor’s Representative
d.    Council Member Donovan Dela Cruz’s Representative
e.    Board of Water Supply


a.    Discussion of Change to 11 November 2010 Board Meeting
b.    Fort Drum Road Presentation
c.    Videography/Restoration of Neighborhood Board Budget
d.    Discussion of New Sustainable Community Plan (SCP)

V.      RESIDENTS’/COMMUNITY CONCERNS (Limited to 3 minutes each)

VI.    REPORTS (Limited to 3 minutes each)
a.    Treasurer’s Report
b.    Elected Officials
i.    Congresswoman Mazie Hirono
ii.    Governor’s Representative
iii.    State Legislators
c.    Committee Chair Reports
i.    Housing- John Elkington
ii.    Cultural Affairs- Norman Kaluhiokalani
iii.    CIP/Public Works- Creighton Mattoon
iv.    Parks & Recreation- Junior Primacio
v.    Planning and Land Use- Les Steward
vi.    Public Information- Kela Miller
vii.    Health & Welfare- Dotty Kelly-Paddock
viii.    Public Safety/Transportation- Moana Kalua’u
ix.    Water- Dee Dee Letts
x.    Education- Jimmy Leonardi
d.    Department of Education
e.    Ka’a’awa Elementary School
f.      Kahuku Community/School Library
g.    Marine Corps/U.S. Army
h.    Correspondence
i.      Community Reports

Next meeting to be announced


A mailing list is maintained for interested persons and agencies to receive this Board’s agenda and minutes.  Additions, corrections, and deletions to the mailing list may be directed to the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO), Honolulu Hale, 530 South King Street, Room 406, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813; Telephone (808) 768-3710 or Fax (808) 768-3711; or call Neighborhood Assistant Leland Ribac at 768-3790. Agendas and minutes are also available on the internet at www.honolulu.gov/nco.

Any individual wishing to attend a Neighborhood Board meeting who has questions about accommodations for a physical disability or a special physical need should call the NCO at 768-3710 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., at least 24-hours before the scheduled meeting