Robin Kaye

The “Lobbyist on Lanai” left a community torn apart by Big Wind

Carleton Ching's involvement with the proposed "Big Wind" project on Lanai flies in the face of the governor's empty statement that Ching "brings communities together." Read More »

Energy Perspective: A more open discussion is needed between islands
Lanai residents hold signs in protest of the Big Wind project during a talk story session with Gov. Neil Abercrombie. Photo Courtesy of Friends of Lanai
Hawaii’s Power Out(r)age: A powerful play in six acts
The computer generated image by Friends of Lana’i gives an idea of what a single 410-foot wind turbine would look like coming out of Downtown Honolulu. There are plans to build 170 of these wind turbines on 22,000 acres of Lana’i (one-fourth of the island).