Susan Schultz

Student Deaths at the University of Hawai’i: Part III

It's been over two weeks since a freshman at UHM died on campus after falling from one of the dorms, and administration has communicated nothing to the larger community about the event or resources students and faculty can access if they are troubled by it. Students and faculty should not find out via gossip and surmise. Read More »

Creating a compassion contagion at UH Manoa

Institutional compassion is different from individual compassion, and it's lacking at the university's flagship campus when it comes to student death protocol. Read More »

Why UH Manoa needs a student death protocol

A small group of students and faculty at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has been trying to get the administration to create a humane protocol for handling tragedy on campus, and to better advertise mental health services, for nearly a year. Read More »