The next senior senator

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The person elected this fall to the U.S. Senate will likely become Hawaii’s next senior Senator, succeeding both Senators Akaka and Inouye. How will that person contend with the legacy of Daniel Inouye? What contingencies does Hawaii have for a post-Inouye economy? What does this mean for the future of the Hawaii-US relationship?

We’d love your input on these questions, and other questions the community should consider, in the discussion area. We’ll use your input to develop stories in the coming months.

Hirono and Lingle to debate tonight, 8 pm →

Linda Lingle and Mazie Hirono will face-off in the second televised debate of this election season tonight on KITV. The debate will air at 8 pm, and will be about 1-hour long. Questions for the candidates can be sent through the Live Wire section, on the KITV website. More at KITV »

Did Lingle win the debate? →

John Hart, HPU Communications Chair, as quoted by KHON:

"I thought in terms of the closing statements, Mazie's statement was quite good at summarizing her best argument, which is she thinks most people in Hawaii agree with her. So not in terms of who should be the better senator, not in terms of who I would vote for or you should vote for, but if you ask me who won this debate? Linda Lingle won this debate this evening," said Hart.
More at KHON »

Interview with Mazie Hirono
Ethan ʻOnipaʻa Porter