Public Land Development Corporation

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Estalished in 2011 by Act 55, the Public Land Development Corporation is organized to “coordinate and administer programs to make optimal use of public land, while ensuring that the public land is maintained for the people of Hawaii.”

According to the statute, the purpose of the Corporation is to:

Identify the public lands that are suitable for development under this chapter, carry on marketing analysis to determine the best revenue-generating programs for the public lands identified, enter into public-private agreements to appropriately develop the public lands identified, and provide the leadership for the development, financing, improvement, or enhancement of the selected development opportunities.  Permissible uses of public land pursuant to this chapter shall include but not be limited to office space; vehicular parking; commercial uses; hotel, residential, and time share uses; fueling facilities; storage and repair facilities; and seawater air conditioning plants.

WAM Committee Hearing on HB1133
Amy Perruso
How the PLDC was lost

How widespread protests and a dissident legislative faction combined to topple the PLDC – for now. Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey
Governor puts brakes on PLDC rulemaking

William Aila, DLNR chair, will be convening meetings with 'stakeholders' to address their concerns over the Public Land Development Corporation. Read More »

PLDC moves forward with adminstrative rules →

The new corporation designed to develop public lands meets Monday morning at 10:30 am at the DLNR committee room to hear final testimony on its administrative rules. More at PLDC »

PLDC protest at Hilo Democratic rally →
Ikaika M Hussey
PLDC schedules final rules hearing →

The PLDC is closing off the administrative rules process with a single hearing at the Honolulu DLNR building on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 10:30 a.m., rather than a new tour throughout the islands. More at PLDC »

PLDC not exempt from environmental laws, and why that may not matter
  • Analysis

A legal analysis by a legislative agency confirms that the new corporation is not exempt from environmental review. But other laws which protect land use don't apply to the new corporation. Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey
Hawaii Counties Association seeks PLDC repeal →

Wendy Osher, for Maui Now:

The Hawai’i State Association of Counties has voted to approve a resolution requesting a repeal of Act 55, the legislation that led to the creation of the Public Land Development Corporation. HSCA President Mel Rapozo said the agency was flooded with testimony from hundreds of residents who are opposed to Act 55, citing concerns over the PLDC’s mission to create revenue from public lands.
More at Maui Now »

PLDC approves strategic plan

David Kimo Frankel, Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation attorney: "It's an empty gesture." Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey
Kauai county calls for PLDC repeal →

It took about two hours of public testimony, discussion and questioning at the council chambers for the council to reach an unanimous decision on a resolution asking for the repeal of the controversial act, which has gathered overwhelming opposition in the last few weeks. Immediately after Council Chair Jay Furfaro’s vote — the last to cast “aye” on a roll call — approximately 20 people who attended the meeting gave the council a rare standing ovation.
More at The Garden Island »

Kauai county to consider PLDC repeal reso →

Kauai's county council will discuss a resolution on Wednesday calling for a rollback of the Public Land Development Corporation. More at The Garden Island »

Hawaii county council comes out against PLDC →

Erin Miller, reporting for West Hawaii Today:

Overwhelming testimony supporting a resolution asking the state to abolish the Public Land Development Corp. preceded the Hawaii County Council’s Planning Committee’s unanimous favorable vote on the measure Tuesday morning.
More at West Hawaii Today »

PLDC board to meet today, 2:30 pm →

The Public Land Development Corporation will meet today at 2:30 pm in the Kalanimoku Building conference room. The agenda includes approval of minutes, a report on the statewide administrative rules hearings, and a PLDC strategic plan. More at PLDC »

Big Island Councilmember Brenda Ford: Abolish PLDC →

The PLDC is exacerbating home rule concerns for the neighbor islands. More at West Hawaii Today »

Ikaika M Hussey
Oahu takes on public land development corporation

A broad grouping of grassroots organizations and individuals came together Wednesday to testify to – and on – the PLDC. Read More »

Doug Fetterly
Land development agency gets rough reception in Hilo →

Dave Smith reports for Big Island Now on Monday's PLDC admin rules hearing in Hilo:

Well over 100 people showed up to testify tonight at a hearing held by the Department of Land and Natural Resources on proposed rules for the Public Land Development Corporation. Much of the testimony focused not on the rules itself but on the mission of the PLDC, a quasi-state agency established by the Legislature in 2011 to develop public-private partnerships to generate revenues from state lands.
More at Big Island Now »

PLDC to hold hearings on proposed admin rules

The proposed rules are posted here. Read More »