Pesticide Misuse


Stories pertaining to the use of a pesticide in a way that violates laws regulating their use or endangers humans or the environment. Many of these regulations are laid out in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). The most common example of pesticide misuse is application inconsistent with the labeling, which could be use of a material in any way not described on the label, changing dosage rates or violating a specific safety instruction. Other kinds of pesticide misuse could include selling or using an unregistered pesticide, or one whose registration has been revoked, the sale or use of an adulterated or misbranded pesticide. It would also be a violation to alter or remove pesticide labels, to sell restricted pesticides to an uncertified applicator, or to fail to keep sales and use records of restricted pesticides. Additionally, this collection examines the, often, legal use of pesticides by large agrochemical companies, especially in Hawaiʻi, that nevertheless endanger the health of the public and the environment, the efforts of the public to curb these practices, and the efforts of these companies to resist restrictions on their pesticide use.

Hawaiʻi will ban chlorpyrifos, establish meaningful pesticide regulations
  • News Report

With Governor Ige's signature, SB3095 will become law and Hawaiʻi will lead the nation in establishing progressive policy that protects the health and safety of its people and environment. Read More »

Will Caron
Hawaii could become the first state to ban chlorpyrifos
  • Discussion

Activists have been fighting for years for a comprehensive pesticide regulation bill. Now one is heading to a final floor vote after passing through conference committee. Read More »

Will Caron
Movement on state chlorpyrifos ban, neonicotinoids and glyphosate restrictions
  • Analysis

Hawaiʻi lawmakers in the House Ag and Environmental Protection committees advance tough regulations against harmful pesticides for the first time. Read More »

Will Caron