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Poems, reflections and critiques about the environment, climate change, sustainability, resource use, development, militarism and conservation.

Cyclone winston damage in tailevu, fiji Poems for Fiji after Cyclone Winston
  • Poem

"I dreamt last night / that brown bodies, again, / were under water." Read More »

142084990 0dab8385ae o Poetry for the ʻōhiʻa tree (2)
  • Poem

#ʻōhiʻalove and other poems of strength, sadness and hope Read More »

20495316 42497eebae b Poetry for the ʻōhiʻa tree
  • Poem

"Inā ʻaʻole lākou, ʻaʻole kākou" ("If there is no them, there is no us") Read More »

Robert s. duncanson - blue hole, flood waters, little miami river - google art project Black eco-poetics
  • Serialization
Nuclear power plant cattenom Nuclear and heliographic poetry
  • Serialization
Water pollution with trash disposal of waste at the garbage beach The poetry of plastic
  • Serialization

Plastic is a normal part of our everyday lives, environments and even bodies; poems about plastic help us to truly see its impact, entanglements and dangers. Read More »

Panthera tigris altaica 13 - buffalo zoo The poetry of extinction
  • Serialization

After discussing creation stories last week, we turn to extinction stories this week, another important theme in eco-poetics. Read More »

Raven and the first men, left side Creation stories & indigenous eco-poetics
  • Serialization

eco-poetics week 6 Read More »

Nepal earthquake 2015 002 The poetry of disaster
  • Serialization

The poetry of disaster can open up a space for solace and solidarity, sympathy and empathy, education and awareness, and to share our trauma and resilience. Read More »

Clouds over the atlantic ocean The ocean in us
  • Serialization

Week four of Pacific Eco-Poetics focuses on our relationship to the Ocean. Read More »

Weba few palm trees remain standing amid the destruction caused by typhoon haiyan in the city of tacloban, philippines (11290331484) Waikiki, Raw Sewage, and the Necro-Pastoral
  • Serialization

Pacific Eco-Poetics Week 3: The necro-pastoral aims to make us look at death, sin, evil, fear and destruction so that we might consider our mortality, morality and ethics. Read More »

Little gasparilla sunrise Pacific Eco-Poetics week 2: solastalgia
  • Serialization

In these poems, the natural world is longed for because of its association with home, innocence, family, peace, sustenance and nurturance. Read More »

Kiloignaciojimena.a2015241.2225.2km Intro to Pacific Eco-Poetics
  • Serialization

The Hawaii Independent is pleased to present a series exploring eco-poetics and eco-criticism, featuring poems, reflections and critiques about the environment, climate change and more. Read More »

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Intro to Pacific Eco-Poetics