Molasses spill

Honolulu Harbor molasses spill: one year later

In the months since the spill, no lawsuit or fines have been levied against Matson and there is no word on when the company will be held accountable. Read More »

Manjari Fergusson
Matson molasses mistake taken to grand jury →

The transportation company responsible for a molasses spill that killed more than 26,000 fish and other marine life in Hawaii said Friday that it had been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury for documents relating to the spill. More at The Associated Press »

Molasses spill update
What makes the Matson spill different
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A week after the tragic spill, Matson says it will pay all costs for clean-up. But if the molasses can't be cleaned up, how can the state go about claiming damages from the company? Read More »

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Matson to pay for cleanup →

Matson Inc. will pay for the cleanup of a 1,400-ton spill of molasses into Honolulu Harbor that killed thousands of fish and other marine life, CEO Matt Cox said Monday. More at Pacific Business News »

Matson’s apology and promise →

Matson apologized Thursday for Monday's molasses spill disaster and said the company will not "run from responsibility." More at Hawaii News Now »

Fines look imminent for Matson’s spill →