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Stories focusing on the composition of the Ige cabinet and the administration’s policies and executive actions.

David ige ching confirmation web Governor Ige’s second state of the state
  • Verbatim

The governor lays out his intentions for this year: preserving ag land on Maui, revisiting the TMT project, moving the Oahu Correctional Facility to Halawa, houselessness and investing in technology among priorities. Read More »

All david ige ching confirmation web What killed Hawaii’s sex trafficking bill?
  • Discussion

A step in the right direction toward combating sex trafficking in Hawaii has been torpedoed by some of the very people trying to end the exploitive practice; the evidence points to internal political squabbling as the reason. Read More »

Shutterstock 92049074  large Sex trafficking ban must become law
  • Essay

If the governor vetoes Hawaii's proposed anti-sex trafficking law, the 50th state will remain the only state in the union without such a ban, and the islands will remain open for "business" to pimps and johns. Read More »

Dsc 0055 Balfour passes WTL
  • News Report

Despite valid concerns raised by Native Hawaiian and environmental advocacy groups, Sen. Thielen's committee on water and land voted to advise the senate to consent to the governor's nomination of Bill Balfour to the state's water commission. Read More »

2-waiahole  large Petition to reject Balfour passes 2,500 signatures
  • Petition

Ahead of tomorrow's WTL hearing on the nomination of Bill Balfour to the Water Commission, signatures continue to be added to an online petition urging the rejection of the inappropriate nomination. Read More »

2-waiahole  large-2  large Balfour: strike two for David Ige?
  • Discussion

Balfour's record during his prior term on the Water Commission shows how inappropriate a choice he is; Ige risks a second failed nomination only a month after the Ching fiasco. Read More »

2-waiahole  large-2 A Carleton Ching redux?
  • Discussion

The governor's choice to fill a vacancy on the state's Water Commission is just as bad as his first choice to lead the DLNR. Read More »

Session 3.19 (100) DBEDT director confirmation sails through Senate
  • Announcement

Unlike the Carleton Ching nomination for the director of DLNR, the confirmation of the director and deputy director for the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism passed committee and the full senate with no hang-ups. Read More »

Carleton ching ching confirmation web-2 The Carleton Ching withdrawal is a victory for Hawaii constituents
  • Discussion

Regardless of whether you think Carleton Ching would fix the DLNR or favor developer interests that jeopardize our resources, the results of this strange confirmation process show that our voices can, and do, matter. We must stay engaged. Read More »

Web img 6999 Eight lessons from the Carleton Ching nomination
  • Discussion

Governor Ige instigated a political crisis by nominating a developer's lobbyist to watch over Hawaii's natural resources. Here are some of the lessons that this crisis taught Hawaii about our political culture. Read More »

Web img 6999 Senate to vote tomorrow on Carleton Ching nomination

The full Hawaii Senate will vote on Carleton Ching's nomination to DLNR tomorrow. Read More »

Screen-shot-2015-02-03-at-6.26.07-pm Testimony against Carlton Ching nomination running 9-1 →
  • Link

Controversial appointment draws close to 1,000 pieces of testimony More at KITV4 »

Big wind enlarged The “Lobbyist on Lanai” left a community torn apart by Big Wind
  • Essay

Carleton Ching's involvement with the proposed "Big Wind" project on Lanai flies in the face of the governor's empty statement that Ching "brings communities together." Read More »

Hawaii-state seal-612x300 Ige announces latest round of administrative appointments
  • Announcement

Governor David Ige today announced appointments to his administration in the departments of Health, Public Safety and Transportation, as well as to his communication team. None of the appointments are subject to confirmation by the Senate. Read More »

East molokai Pro-GMO farmer to lead anti-GMO district
  • News Report

Lynn DeCroite, a Molokai farmer with ties to Monsanto, was sworn-in today to the state House to represent District 13, which voted in favor of the Maui GMO moratorium. Read More »

Screen-shot-2015-02-03-at-6.26.07-pm State Senate schedules controversial confirmation hearing for DLNR
  • News Report

The Hawaii Senate has scheduled a confirmation hearing for controversial developer-lobbyist Carleton Ching, who was nominated by Governor Ige to head the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Read More »

Tapestries orange rouge  large To the cloud: Ige begins state government tech upgrades
  • Press Release

The upgrade to the Human Resources Management System includes a backup and disaster recovery capability in the new Hawaii Government Private Cloud (GPC). Read More »

22a59262faf890c3de476e821c851bc3.image.150x187 Brigadier General to join Ige tax office; first deputy director re-appointed, Dep. of Health
  • Press Release
2-waiahole Ige’s Department of Land and Natural Development?
  • Essay

Governor Ige's latest DLNR leadership move is a serious blow to advocates for resource protection and the ethical and legal use of water and a boon for development interests. Read More »

Ten years ago, Ching called for LUC to be dismantled

Ching: "Just sign a document and tell us go" Read More »

Haena-kauai David Ige, one-term wonder?
  • Discussion

The new governor's selection of a development lobbyist to head the land-resource management branch of the state government is alienating many of his supporters. Read More »

Castle & Cooke lobbyist nominated for DLNR head

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