Election Day 2012

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Nago to keep his job →
Ikaika M Hussey
Commission examines election problems

Marsha Joyner: “When you don’t give enough ballots, when you don’t print enough ballots, that is voter suppression." Read More »

Matthew Sylva
Election commission schedules meeting to discuss ballot problems →

A meeting to discuss the problems that occurred on election day in Hawaii is set for sometime during the week of Dec. 10th. The state’s Elections Commission will analyze deficiencies that happened on the 6th that led to many polling stations to run short of paper ballots. More at KHON2 »

Election 2012 Analysis with David Shapiro and Tom Coffman
Scott Nago: “This will not happen again”

Scott Nago, Chief Election Officer, has released a public statement on Tuesday's ballot shortages. Read More »

Discuss the election with David Shapiro and Tom Coffman, 1:30 pm Friday (updated)

We've seen the results of the election – but what does it mean? Join us for a live discussion with veteran political reporters Tom Coffman and David Shapiro, Friday 1:30 pm. Watch this space for details. Read More »

Caldwell held lead till the end (Updated)

The fourth election printout is now available, and it shows that Caldwell's early 9% lead stayed roughly constant throughout the evening. Read More »

An account of ballot shortages at Hokulani Elementary

"There were problems with command center all day," Mike Kratzke, a state voter assistance officer told The Independent. Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey
2nd printout: Caldwell holds lead

With an additional 60,000 votes counted, Caldwell still leads Cayetano by nine percentage points.

Ikaika M Hussey
Caldwell, Hirono, Say, Apoliona lead

The first report is out: Caldwell leads with 53.8%, and Hirono is ahead by a staggering 62.9%. Read More »

Ikaika M Hussey
First printout still not available
Ikaika M Hussey
Tomorrow is election day! →

Tomorrow is election day! Make sure you get your voice heard and go out and vote at your appropriate polling station. More at Office of Elections »